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Kwik Fit


Kwik Fit Exploded

Kwik Fit is our new Seeding System for 2017. The key feature of Kwik Fit is inter-changeable closing tool options; choose from Paired Row Seeker Wing or Single Row 45mm Closer Plate for the same boot mount. Some other key features are:

  • All bolts accessible by air ratchet for assembly
  • Dry and Liquid Fertiliser options

There are 2 variations of the Kwik Fit Seeding System, one to suit all double bolt, flat-on C Shank tynes and the other to suit the Bourgault Paralink & Morris Contour 2.


Kwik Fit for C-Shank

Kwik Fit CKwik Fit for C-Shank Flat-On tynes is an improvement of our bolt on Twin Row Seeker boot and also supersedes our NT11 Boot & Bracket System. Kwik Fit is compatible with our existing "Slip & Clip" point and holder system so there is a broad range of knife point options available. See the brochure below for more information and pricing Kwik C BrochureKwik Fit for C Shank


Kwik Fit Module

Kwik Fit ModThe Kwik Fit Module System has been developed to suit the Bourgault Paralink and Morris Contour 2. The system is the same for both apart from a leg/shank that attaches the kit to the machine. Standard & liquid points are available as well as an optional dry fertiliser boot. See the brochure below for more information and pricing Kwik Mod BrochureKwik Fit for C2 and Paralink

New Replaceable Morris Contour 2 Point


This option for the Morris Contour 2 will be available from November 2015. The replaceable and height adjustable point is secured by one bolt and eliminates the need to replace the entire leg.

Standard 12mm MC2 Point $60+gst
Liquid 12mm MC2 Point $70+gst