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Build Your Own Presswheel Kit

Use our Presswheel Kit Builder - follow the prompts to build and customize your presswheel kit!

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Agmaster Press wheels offer flexibility to suit all seeding conditions. The press wheels mount to a false bar behind the last rank of seeding tynes. 

  • Individually mounted for independent pressure
  • Self tracking
  • Semi-pneumatic tyres for soil shedding
  • Down pressure adjustable
  • Can be lifted and locked when not required
  • Light weight but robust - module weight 10kg



 20mm Wedge Tyre Profile  50mm Flat Tyre Profile  70mm V Tyre Profile  95mm V Tyre Profile  100m W Tyre Profile

 20mm Wedge Tyre

Deeper sowing in black soils

50mm Flat Tyre

Crumbles sides of narrow slot

70mm "V" Tyre

General purpose in mixed soil types 

 95mm "V" Tyre

Wide press on light
sand soils

100mm "W" Tyre

Recommended for use with paired
row Seeker Boot


Presswheel Module

Suitable tyre profile will depend on seeding boot style, soil conditions and desired finish. Seek local experience or contact an Agmaster Sales Consultant for recommendation

PRICE: Complete module pictured is $360-$380exc GST depending on the tyre profile selected. For specific prices, part numbers and optional extras please view our Parts Book.




Fixed Extenstion Arm

Used when presswheels are permanent with provision for an adaptor plate to be welded to end of main arm to add harrows in combination. If no harrows used, two arms required per section of bar and a third arm is recommended for any sections with more than 18 presswheels. A typical folding machine will require six or seven arms. Mount bar secures to the end of these arms. Weight 35kg.

PRICE: $450exc. GST ($495inc. GST)



Fixed Extension Arm with Double Dropper

Used in conjunction with above arms on short sections of folding machines ie. 7ft or less with upto 10 presswheels. (Typically used on short outer wings of double fold machines). Mount bar secures to end of arm. Weight 40kg.

PRICE: $600exc. GST ($660inc. GST)


Fixed Extension Arm SketchTelecarrier Arm - Presswheels

Used when presswheels are to be interchangeable with harrows. Can mount upto 10 presswheels per arm. Mount bar secures to end of arm. Weight 45kg

PRICE: $900exc. GST ($990inc. GST)



 Tele-Arm Sketch


Mount Bar

65 x 65 x 4RHS secures to the end of arms detailed above for presswheels to mount to. Typical 3 section folding machine will require 3 pieces of this bar cut to lengths specific to machine.
Agmaster will only supply to customers collecting from Welshpool Warehouse due to freight issues with such long parts. All other customers to source locally

PRICE: $45/m exc. GST ($49.50inc. GST). Includes bar being cut to length and plastic knock in caps


For more information and part numbers please view our Parts Book