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Spare Parts

Flexi Boot Parts

Part No Name Price
FB2840 Flexi Boot Hose with 40mm Closer Plate $75.00 VIEW
FB2850 Flexi Boot Hose with 50mm Closer Plate $75.00 VIEW
FB2870 Flexi Boot Hose 340mm $27.00 VIEW
SP2880 Flexi Boot Spring 200 x 37 $10.00 VIEW
CL2844 NT11 Flexi Boot Weld-On Closer Plate 40mm $19.00 VIEW
FB2710 Flexi Boot Bracket 50mm Flat On C-Shank Tyne $37.00 VIEW
CL2845 NT11 Flexi Boot Weld-On Closer Plate 50mm $19.00 VIEW
FB2740 Flexi Boot Bracket 30mm Edge-On Tyne $37.00 VIEW
FB2800 Flexi Boot Fertiliser Hose Holder $14.00 VIEW
FB2810 Flexi Boot Hose Support Saddle $5.00 VIEW
FB2820 Flexi Boot Hose Grip Clamp $5.00 VIEW
HC52T Hose Clamp T Bolt 52-55 $5.00 VIEW
HC21-45 Hose Clamp SS 21-45mm $2.50 VIEW
FB2834 Flexi Boot Hose Insert 40mm Closer $37.00 VIEW
FB2835 Flexi Boot Hose Insert 50mm Closer $37.00 VIEW
UBN2001 U Bolt M12 65 x 52 with Nylock Nuts and Washers $5.00 VIEW
UBN2002 U Bolt M12 90 x 30 with Nylock Nuts and Washers $5.00 VIEW
UBN2007 U Bolt M10 77 x 55 with Nylock Nuts $4.00 VIEW

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