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Kwik Fit for Morris Contour 2 and Bourgault Paralink

Kwik Fit Module is our new Seeding System for the Morris Contour 2 and Bourgault Paralink. The system is the same for both apart from a leg/shank that attaches the kit to the machine The key feature of Kwik Fit is inter-changeable closing tool options; choose from Paired Row Seeker Wing or Single Row 45mm Closer Plate for the same boot mount. Some other key features are:

  • All bolts accessible by air ratchet for assembly
  • Standard or Liquid Points
  • Dry and Liquid Fertiliser options

Kwik Fit ModSee the brochure below for more information and pricing 
Kwik Mod Brochure
                                                                     Kwik Fit for C2 and Paralink